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in bliss!!!

puppy love!!!

they werent looking at the camera...

amanda and carly
amanda and carly, the two roommates i like.

amanda and i
amanda and i in front of the yellow brick road. i am making a face, i dont know why.

new tattoo!!!
my new tattoo, which is not all spotty like this photo, its just shiny.
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Awww!!! I wanna pet the puppies too!!! I didn't know you could have puppies at school, all I had a was a red eyed tree frog and a fish tank my roommate liked to put animal crackers in for fun.
Kewl tatoo. :)
actually were not allowed to have puppies, one of my roommates friends came to visit with them for a few hours.

dont tell mom about the tattoo :)
Yah for more Keeli' pics!

^----(smiley Shawn)

Nice pictures with the puppies!!

Don't you love puppy breath? too bad it does not stay that way, lol!

Very nice tattoo too, btw


puppy breath is fun :)
cute pictures!
thank you!
puppies are cute but kittens are better.. lol

and very very nice tattoo.. i like it
both are cute... and thanks :)
awww... they're so cute.

and so destructive.

I miss my doggy. :(
yes, very destructive.

they violated a fan while here :) sorry about your dog :/
thats okay. she lived a long life at least. 70 in human years?
They made me smile.

Nice ink, too.